MCWC wise monthwari Nutrition & Child Health Services

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MCH & Reproductive Health Services in MCWC
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Nutrition Services
Child Services(0-59 months)
Counseling on IYCF, IFA, Vitamin A & hand washing
Number of Pregnant Woman received IFA
Received IFA (0-3)month baby's mother
Received MNP (6-23)month Child
Received Vitamin A capsule (6-59)month child
Received Tablet anti-helminthics (24-59)month Child
Feeding Zink pill with ORS suffering form diarrhoea
Idetified & Treatment Suffering from MAM(Child)
Idetified & Treatment suffering from SAM & Referred
Idetified Stunting child
Idetified Wasting child
Idetified Under weight child
Wrapping after Birth(within 1 mimute)
7.1% chlorhexidine digluconate for umbilical cord care
Immediate touch mother's skin after Birth
Initiation of Breastfeeding
(within 1 hour)
Use bag & masks
Low birth newborn (Weight <2.5 kg)
Imature infant
Neonatal death (0-28 day)
OPV & Pentavalent (DPT,Hap-B,Hib)1
OPV & Pentavalent (DPT,Hap-B,Hib)2
OPV & Pentavalent (DPT,Hap-B,Hib)3
MR & OPV-4
Measles Vaccines
Division Total